Created by Benjamin Read & Laura Trinder.

They must have come from under beds, out of mirrors, up from caves, and down from attics; all out of the darkness and into the moonlight. They were the Night Folk, and this was their world.

Emily’s parents have vanished into the secret world of the Midnight Hour – a Victorian London frozen in time, home to magic and monsters. Emily must find them in the city of the Night Folk, armed only with a packed lunch, a stowaway hedgehog, and her infamously big mouth.
With bloodthirsty creatures on her tail, Emily has to discover the truth to rescue her parents. What family secret connects her to the Midnight Hour? And can she save both worlds before she runs out of sandwiches?

The Midnight Hour is Benjamin Read & Laura Trinder’s (AKA Trindles & Read) first children’s novel collaboration. Published by Chicken House, with an adaptation in the works by Altitude Films. 

Hitting the shelves: 7th February, 2019

Available to pre-order now! ISBN: 9781911490906

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Created by Benjamin Read (Writer) & Laura Trinder (Illustrator)

NIGHT POST is the story of the other mail service; the one you haven’t heard of, the one that starts work at midnight and delivers to all the creatures of the night.

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